Denny Rehberg

Age: 56
Party: Republican
Career Highlights: Montana’s at-large congressional district Representative (2001-present); Montana’s Lieutenant Governor (1991-1997); Montana State House of Representatives (1975-1991); rancher
Education: B.A. in public administration from Washington State University (transferred from Montana State University)
Twitter: @Rehberg2012
Did You Know? When Rehberg went to Washington, D.C., he had to give up ranching.
Hair: Reminiscent of a graying Walker, Texas Ranger
Criticism: Rehberg’s been involved in two public relations nightmares involving alcohol. In a 2004 incident, he fell off a horse in Kazakhstan after some ceremonial vodka shots. In 2009, he was a passenger in a boat that crashed into the shoreline. He had some broken bones; his aide suffered brain damage. The two events are not related, but critics use both to question his character.
Polling: Rehberg 46.0, Tester 44.3 (Real Clear Politics average, 8/20 to 9/19)
Fundraising Total: $5,676,947 (FEC, as of 6/30/12)
Cash on Hand: $2,710,730

Three Great Stories about Denny Rehberg:
1. “Who is Denny Rehberg, Really?” by Ray Ring (High Country News, September 2012)

2. “Could Rehberg’s comments about lobbying hurt in Montana Senate Race?” by Sean Sullivan (Washington Post, August 31, 2012)

3. “Denny Rehberg Hears Primary’s Tea Party Message” (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, June 9, 2010)

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I endorse Denny Rehberg for Senate:

Check out his opponent, Jon Tester.