Joe Coors

Age: 70
Party: Republican
Career Highlights: President and CEO of CoorsTek; previous stints as a stockbroker, computer programmer, and systems analyst
Education: North Carolina State University (math major)
Twitter: @coors4congress
Did You Know? Coors hails from the famous beer family, but he made his career in the porcelein side of the business, which has manfucated everything from glass beer cans to fine-china medical equipment.
Hair: Snow-white, close-cut do
Criticism: The Coors family is staunchly conservative, but Joe Coors refused to back a proposed “personhood” amendment in 2012. His reason? The voters have rejected two similar pro-life measures in recent elections and he wants to focus on other issues.
Polling: No current independent polling
Fundraising Total: $1,279,459 (FEC, as of 7/18/12)
Cash on Hand: $120,506

Three Great Stories about Coors:
1. “Joe Coors’ wealth is hard to ignore in Colorado’s congressional race” by Allison Sherry (The Denver Post, May 21, 2012)

2. “Joe Coors walks Lakewood in search of votes in quest to unseat Perlmutter” by Lynn Bartels (The Denver Post, July 7, 2012)

3. “Joe Coors Jr. gives self $350K in congressional race” by Ivan Moreno (Associated Press, June 15, 2012)

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I endorse Joe Coors for the U.S. House:

Check out his opponent, Ed Perlmutter.

Image via Joe Coors for Congress